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  • Chillbox Fueling The Community Program

    In a continued effort to support our community and make a positive impact, Chillbox has joined forces with the Gleaners Community Food Bank to introduce the innovative Chillbox Fueling the Community Program. On the first Wednesday of every month, Chillbox will donate 1¢ from each gallon of gas sold at our convenience stores to Gleaners Community Food Bank, aiding in the provision of meals for countless families across Southeast Michigan. Based in Detroit, Michigan, Gleaners serves five counties in Southeast Michigan - Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Livingston, and Monroe. The organization supplies food to nearly 400 partner soup kitchens, food pantries, shelters, schools, and other agencies in the region. Gleaners also offers direct service drive-up grocery distributions, as well as food programs and education to empower households facing food insecurity. In the last fiscal year alone, Gleaners distributed over 50 million pounds of food to those in need, with every dollar donated providing three meals. Join us as we rally behind this incredible organization, Gleaners Community Food Bank, in their mission to provide meals for families in need throughout Southeast Michigan. Your support can make a real difference in the lives of countless local families.


    To check the antifreeze coolant in your vehicle, follow these steps: 1. Park your vehicle on a level surface and make sure the engine is cool. It's important to never check the coolant when the engine is hot, as it can cause burns. 2. Locate the coolant reservoir. It is usually a translucent plastic tank located near the radiator. The reservoir is labeled with "coolant" or "antifreeze" markings. 3. Look at the markings on the side of the reservoir to determine the minimum and maximum levels. The coolant should be between these two levels. 4. If the coolant level is below the minimum mark, you will need to add more coolant. Open the reservoir cap slowly and carefully, as there may still be pressure inside. If the engine is hot, wait for it to cool down before opening the cap. 5. Add a 50/50 mixture of coolant and distilled water to the reservoir. You can purchase pre-mixed coolant or mix it yourself. Make sure to use the type of coolant recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer. 6. Slowly pour the coolant mixture into the reservoir until it reaches the maximum mark. Avoid overfilling, as it can cause coolant to overflow when the engine heats up. 7. Once you have added the coolant, securely tighten the reservoir cap. 8. Start the engine and let it run for a few minutes. This will help circulate the coolant throughout the system. 9. Check the coolant level again after the engine has cooled down. If it is below the minimum mark, you may have a leak in the cooling system and should have it inspected by a professional. It's important to regularly check the coolant level and top it up as needed to ensure proper engine cooling and prevent overheating. If you are unsure about checking the antifreeze coolant in your vehicle, it's recommended to consult your vehicle's owner's manual or seek assistance from a professional mechanic.


    Winter driving can be challenging and hazardous due to icy roads, reduced visibility, and unpredictable weather conditions. Here are some tips for winter driving safety: 1. Prepare your vehicle: Before winter arrives, make sure your vehicle is in good condition. Check the battery, tires, brakes, wipers, and fluids. Consider using winter tires for better traction on icy roads. 2. Clear snow and ice: Remove all snow and ice from your vehicle before driving. Clear the windshield, windows, headlights, and taillights for maximum visibility. Also, clear snow from the roof to prevent it from sliding onto your windshield while driving. 3. Drive slowly and maintain a safe distance: Reduce your speed and maintain a safe following distance to allow for longer stopping distances on slippery roads. Avoid sudden braking or acceleration to prevent skidding. 4. Use your headlights: Turn on your headlights, even during the day, to increase your visibility to other drivers. Use low beams in foggy conditions to avoid glare. 5. Be cautious on bridges and overpasses: These areas tend to freeze first and can be more slippery than other parts of the road. Approach them with caution and reduce your speed. 6. Avoid cruise control: In slippery conditions, it's best to have full control of your vehicle. Avoid using cruise control, as it can cause your vehicle to accelerate or lose traction unexpectedly. 7. Brake and accelerate gently: Apply the brakes gently to avoid skidding. If your vehicle has an anti-lock braking system (ABS), apply firm, continuous pressure. When accelerating, do so gradually to maintain traction. 8. Stay alert and focused: Keep your full attention on the road and avoid distractions. Watch out for pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles. Be prepared for sudden maneuvers or stops by other drivers. 9. Know how to handle skids: If your vehicle starts to skid, remain calm and avoid overcorrecting. Steer in the direction you want to go and gently apply the brakes or release the accelerator. Practice skid recovery techniques in a safe environment. 10. Plan your route and check the weather: Before heading out, check the weather conditions and road closures. Plan your route accordingly and allow extra time for travel. Inform someone about your travel plans and expected arrival time. 11. Carry emergency supplies: Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle, including items such as a flashlight, blankets, extra clothing, a shovel, ice scraper, jumper cables, and non-perishable food and water. Remember, it's better to be cautious and take your time during winter driving. If conditions are severe, consider postponing your trip or using public transportation if available. Stay informed, stay safe, and be prepared for any winter driving challenges.


    Packing an emergency kit in your car is essential for preparedness in case of unexpected situations on the road. Here's a checklist of items to include in your car emergency kit: 1. First aid kit: Include basic first aid supplies such as bandages, gauze, adhesive tape, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers, and any necessary medications. 2. Flashlight and extra batteries: A flashlight will come in handy if you need to inspect your vehicle or navigate in the dark. Make sure to pack extra batteries as well. 3. Jumper cables: Jumper cables can help you jump-start your car if the battery dies. Learn how to use them properly and safely. 4. Reflective warning triangles or flares: These can be placed around your vehicle to alert other drivers of your presence in case of a breakdown or accident. 5. Tire repair kit: Include a tire repair kit with a tire sealant and a portable air compressor. This can help you temporarily fix a flat tire and inflate it until you can reach a repair shop. 6. Multi-tool or Swiss army knife: A versatile tool can be useful for various tasks, such as cutting seatbelts or opening packages. 7. Blankets or emergency sleeping bags: Pack warm blankets or emergency sleeping bags to keep you warm in case you are stranded in cold weather. 8. Non-perishable food and water: Include snacks like granola bars or energy bars, as well as bottled water. Make sure to check and replace these items periodically to ensure freshness. 9. Extra clothing and sturdy shoes: Pack a change of clothes, including warm layers, socks, and sturdy shoes. This can be helpful if you need to walk or wait outside your vehicle for an extended period. 10. Basic tools: Include a set of basic tools such as a wrench, pliers, screwdrivers, and duct tape. These tools can be handy for minor repairs or adjustments. 11. Portable phone charger: Keep a portable phone charger or a power bank in your emergency kit to ensure you can charge your phone and stay connected. 12. Cash: Keep some cash in small denominations in case you need to pay for unexpected expenses or services that don't accept cards. 13. Maps and a compass: In case your GPS or phone navigation fails, having a physical map and a compass can help you find your way. 14. Important documents: Keep a copy of your driver's license, vehicle registration, and insurance information in your emergency kit. 15. List of emergency contacts: Write down important phone numbers, including family members, roadside assistance, and emergency services. Remember to periodically check and replenish your emergency kit to ensure that all items are in good condition and up to date. It's also a good idea to familiarize yourself with how to use the items in your kit and any necessary emergency procedures.


    Inspecting your tires in winter is crucial for ensuring your safety on the road. Here's how you can inspect your tires during the winter season: 1. Check the tread depth: The tread on your tires is what provides traction on slippery surfaces. Use a tread depth gauge or the penny test to measure the depth. Insert a penny into the tread with Lincoln's head facing down. If you can see the top of Lincoln's head, it's time to replace your tires as the tread depth is too low. 2. Look for signs of wear: Check for any signs of uneven wear, such as bald spots or worn edges. Uneven wear can indicate alignment or suspension issues. If you notice any irregular wear patterns, it's recommended to have your tires inspected by a professional. 3. Inspect for cracks or bulges: Cold temperatures can cause the rubber in your tires to become brittle. Inspect the sidewalls of your tires for any cracks or bulges. If you notice any damage, it's important to replace the tire as it can lead to a blowout. 4. Check tire pressure: Cold weather can cause a decrease in tire pressure. Use a tire pressure gauge to check the pressure of each tire. Refer to your vehicle's manual or the sticker on the driver's side door jamb for the recommended tire pressure. If the pressure is low, inflate the tires to the recommended level. 5. Consider winter tires: Though it's not needed, some drivers here in Michigan consider switching to winter tires during these months. Winter tires are designed to provide better traction and handling in cold weather. They have a different tread pattern and rubber compound that helps improve grip on slippery surfaces. Remember, proper tire maintenance is essential for safe driving in winter. If you're unsure about inspecting your tires, it's always a good idea to have them checked by a professional mechanic.


    Keeping enough gas in your car during winter months is important for several reasons: 1. Preventing fuel line freeze: In extremely cold temperatures, condensation can form in the fuel lines, which can freeze and block the flow of fuel to the engine. By keeping your gas tank at least half full, you reduce the amount of empty space in the tank where condensation can form, minimizing the risk of fuel line freeze. 2. Providing heat: If you find yourself stranded or stuck in cold weather, having a full or near-full gas tank can provide you with heat. Running the engine periodically can help keep you warm while waiting for assistance or until conditions improve. 3. Avoiding fuel system damage: In some vehicles, the fuel pump is located inside the gas tank and is cooled by the surrounding fuel. Running the car with a low gas level can cause the fuel pump to overheat, potentially leading to premature wear or failure. Keeping the gas tank adequately filled helps to keep the fuel pump cool and prolong its lifespan. 4. Emergency situations: Having enough gas in your car during winter is crucial in case of emergencies or unexpected delays. It ensures that you have enough fuel to reach your destination or find a safe place to stop if needed. 5. Peace of mind: Knowing that you have a decent amount of gas in your car during winter can provide peace of mind. It eliminates the worry of running out of gas in cold and potentially dangerous conditions. It's important to note that while keeping enough gas in your car during the winter months is recommended, it's also essential to follow safety guidelines and store gasoline properly. Make sure to use approved containers for storing extra fuel and keep them in a well-ventilated area away from heat sources or open flames. Overall, maintaining a reasonable level of gas in your car during winter is a simple precaution that can help ensure your safety and peace of mind during cold weather conditions.

  • CHILLBOX HERO MUGS: Giving Back with Chillbox Community Hero Mugs

    Chillbox Convenience Stores is absolutely thrilled to introduce our newest Community Outreach Program, the "Community Hero Mugs"! We are incredibly grateful to all of our Community Heroes, and we want to show our appreciation in a special way. That's why we are personally delivering Chillbox Hero Mugs to local schools, police departments, and fire departments throughout Southeast Michigan. These mugs are a symbol of our gratitude for the incredible work they do to keep our communities safe and thriving. As a token of our appreciation, we would like to offer our amazing Chillbox coffee, Icee, or Fountain drink fill-ups to these Community Heroes every single day. It's our small way of saying thank you for their selfless dedication and service. To enjoy your FREE drink, simply sign up for Chillbox Rewards and bring in your Community Hero Mug to your favorite local Chillbox location. We can't wait to serve you and show our gratitude for everything you do. At Chillbox, we believe in the power of community and the importance of supporting those who make a difference. Our Community Hero Mugs and the free drink offer are just a small part of our ongoing commitment to giving back and showing appreciation to those who deserve it most. Thank you to all of our Community Heroes for your unwavering dedication and service. We are honored to be a part of your community and to have the opportunity to express our gratitude through this program. #ChillboxCommunityHeroes #CommunityOutreach #Gratitude #FreeDrinks #ChillboxRewards

  • UBER EATS: Chillbox Convenience Stores partner with Uber Eats

    YOU ASKED, CHILLBOX LISTENED! Chillbox Convenience Stores now offers Uber Eats. We are beyond excited to announce our partnership with Uber Eats, which will enable us to reach even more consumers online, in addition to those who already visit our retail sites," said Meaghan Rudnicki, Brand Ambassador to Chillbox Convenience Stores. "We have witnessed how the pandemic has accelerated the demand for delivered convenience, and this collaboration will allow us to quickly expand our presence on the Uber platform." With over 34 retail sites spread across Southeast Michigan and an impressive 4,830,489 million customers living within a 20-minute radius of a Chillbox location, both Chillbox and Uber recognize the immense opportunities for growth. Chillbox is proud to offer a diverse range of products tailored to local markets, including hot and cold drinks, Icee, prepared food options, grocery staples, and fresh produce. This partnership will not only enhance the convenience and accessibility of Chillbox products but also provide customers with a seamless and efficient delivery experience through the Uber Eats platform. Whether you're craving a refreshing beverage, a quick snack, or essential grocery items, Chillbox and Uber Eats are here to fulfill your needs. As we continue to navigate these challenging times, our commitment to serving our customers remains unwavering. We understand the importance of adapting to changing consumer preferences and providing innovative solutions to meet their needs. This collaboration with Uber Eats is a testament to our dedication to delivering convenience and satisfaction to our valued customers. So, the next time you're in the mood for some Chillbox goodness but prefer the convenience of delivery, simply open the Uber Eats app and discover a world of delicious options at your fingertips. We can't wait to serve you, wherever you may be! #ChillboxConvenience #UberEatsPartnership #DeliveringConvenience #ExpandingOpportunities

  • The Great Lakes Division Partners with Chillbox To Celebrate National Salvation Army Week

    During the week of May 15, The Salvation Army Great Lakes Division is celebrating National Salvation Army Week by partnering with Chillbox Convenience Stores to help send children from low-income families to camp this summer. Every ICEE and fountain drink purchased at any of the 32 Chillbox locations during National Salvation Army Week will benefit The Salvation Army Outdoors program. For more than 100 years, thousands of children from low-income families have enjoyed the fresh air, exercise and the chance to make new friendships during the annual summer camp program at Echo Grove. A few weeks at camp can mean a lifetime of impact for a kid who needs to be lifted up and encouraged. “Thanks to Chillbox Convenience Stores, more children will have the opportunity to enjoy a summer camp experience,” said Major Bob Mueller, metro Detroit area commander for The Salvation Army Great Lakes Division. “National Salvation Army Week provides an opportunity to showcase the breadth and depth of our essential programs and services – which are funded by community donations raised during the Red Kettle Christmas Campaign and Bed & Bread Club Radiothon. We believe in providing holistic support to those in need in the community, and we couldn’t do this without the continued support of our generous community members and partner organizations.” National Salvation Army Week was established by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1954, nearly 100 years after The Salvation Army was established in London, England. Each year, National Salvation Army Week serves as an opportunity to celebrate The Salvation Army’s volunteers, donors and program beneficiaries who have enabled the nonprofit to serve in the United States since the mid-1800’s. “Spring is the perfect time to celebrate all The Salvation Army does in our community,” said Meaghan Rudnicki, Brand Ambassador, for Chillbox Convenience Stores. “Not only does the season encompass National Salvation Army Week, but it is symbolic of the fresh start and outdoor learning these kids will get to experience at camp. Now when shoppers come in for their favorite refreshment – they’ll be making an impact in their community.” In addition to The Salvation Army Outdoors, The Salvation Army helps Michiganders in need through programs such as: Pathway of Hope that empowers individuals and families towards self-sufficiency. The Salvation Army’s Harbor Light drug and alcohol treatment program which addresses the needs of those struggling with substance abuse. Its detoxification program is available to individuals requiring assistance to withdraw from alcohol and/or drugs in a structured sub-acute environment. The Salvation Army William Booth Legal Aid Clinic which resolves legal issues affecting low-income families, individuals and U.S. veterans. The Salvation Army Great Lakes Division Emergency Disaster Services that assist first responders and victims of natural and man-made disasters. The Salvation Army’s youth programs, including character building, homework assistance and counseling, extracurricular activities, music and dance instruction, and more to teach important life skills to children. The Salvation Army Southeast Michigan Adult Rehabilitation Center also provides crucial services to thousands of people in metro Detroit 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by offering a unique program that features a holistic approach and is catered to substance abuser recovery. It operates one centralized location in Detroit that serves all of southeast Michigan. The center has capacity to serve nearly 300 people simultaneously, and admission can be completed quickly on any day throughout the week.

  • You're Invited! Chillbox Convenience Store's first annual Block Party in Dearborn Heights, Michigan

    6425 N. Telegraph Rd., Dearborn Heights, MI Come hang out with the Chillbox Crew Friday, July 28th from 11am-6pm at our Dearborn Heights store! Sign up for our Chillbox Rewards and enjoy freshly grilled hot dogs, chips, and a drink on us as a THANK YOU for your constant support as a Chillbox Rewards member. Michigan Dippin' Dots, Coke, Red Bull, and Frito Lay will also be present at the event. Make sure to drop your information into our box for a chance to win one of our many giveaways! Hope to see you all there!

  • Come visit Chillbox at the St. Clair Shores Social District Event this Saturday!

    DOWNTOWN ST. CLAIR SHORES, MICHIGAN Chillbox has an exciting event coming up this Saturday, July 22, and we want you to be a part of it! Jon us at our Chillbox tent from 4pm until midnight for a fun-filled evening. Not only can you enjoy your refreshing cold drinks, but you can also sign up for Chillbox Rewards! It's the perfect way to earn rewards and get exclusive offers on your favorite treats and discounts on fuel. But that's not all! While you're at the tent, make sure to enter our amazing giveaway. We're giving away a life-size M&M display and candy! Imagine having this piece in your home or office. It's a true collector's item that will surely make a statement. We can't wait to see all of you at our Chillbox tent this Saturday. It's going to be a blast! Don't miss out on the change to win the M&M display and enjoy some delicious drinks during the Social District Event. See you there!

  • GIVEAWAYS: Sign up for Chillbox Rewards and enjoy our giveaways throughout the entire year!

    Did you know that Chillbox Convenience Stores has some exciting giveaways for our amazing Rewards members? From coolers to bikes, sporting goods to apparel, there's always something special happening with our Rewards giveaways! Make sure to stay updated by visiting our Giveaway page, as well as our Instagram and Facebook pages, to be the first to know about these fantastic opportunities! We're thrilled to announce that due to the overwhelming success of last year's CHILLBOX 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS, we have decided to make it an annual tradition! Get ready for another round of festive fun and incredible prizes in our upcoming schedule of 12 Days Of Christmas 2023. Stay tuned for more details, as we can't wait to spread the holiday cheer with all of you! Being a part of our Rewards program means not only enjoying the convenience and satisfaction of Chillbox, but also having the chance to win some fantastic giveaways. We appreciate your loyalty and support, and these giveaways are just a small way for us to show our gratitude. So, make sure to join our Rewards program, follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and keep an eye out for our exciting giveaways. You never know when you might be the lucky winner of an amazing prize! 🌟 #ChillboxRewards #Giveaways #12DaysOfChristmas2023 #ExcitingPrizes Sign up for Chillbox Rewards to be eligible to win!

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